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CLANNAD – Extra Episode

Oh yes, it’s finally here!

With Nagisa’s very dramatic part of the story finished, the show continues back on its funny side again! Like, KyoAni’s playing with our feelings to change the world into an emo one. Or at least, for the people watching CLANNAD. Um, right.


Nagisa and Okazaki becomes quite a couple now, though they are making fusses over holding hands and couples that I see on the streets nowadays, do this naturally. Kinda old fashioned in some way. As if they were some couple from the 60s – 80s which suddenly, (I don’t know why) reminds me of the retro dramas I’ve watched on TV during my childhood days. o.o And ya, I’m single.

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Group studying – To study until your butt hurts

Ok, this post will be sort of unrelated to anime, thought I’m mentioning the word “anime” here. I’m still considering whether YnS should be a blog about anime or about my life, which most of my friends’ ones are. Sigh. Or maybe I should continue on with both? Any ideas, people? Argh. I’m in a dilemna now.

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Gundam 00 – Episode 24

Sorry for not updating lately, kinda busy with school nowadays. But as they say, “better late than never!” 

Out of all the previous episodes so far, this one has got to be the most emotional of all. With more character deaths and lasers, the Celestial Being is now left with 1 working Gundam and 5 surviving members of Celestial Being. And the sad part is, they now have to face something huge ass at the end of episode 24. The world is just too unfair.

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CLANNAD – Episode 22

Nagisa, shocked to find out the truth that her parents kept secretly over the years, finally breaks down at the wrong point of time – just the day before of Nagisa’s first ever actual performance. With this, the Drama Club and Nagisa’s father are really in for some trouble.

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It’s the in-thing now people! Totally moé.


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Anime spring season 2008

I’ve just got news about this year’s anime serieses that will be released during the spring period. Finally, more anime to feed my hunger!

Taken from:


I’ll be personally looking forward to Code Geass II (definately), Macross Frontier, Soul Eater, Vampire Knight and probably start picking up xxxHolic again.

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Gundam 00 – Episode 23

Okay, G00 time!

Previosly in episode 22, Aeolia Schenberg predicted that there might be some insolent fool would try and alter his plan creating a peaceful world and it did! So, he enabled the full use of the Gundams’ GN Drives – the Trans-Am system. However, once this sudden gain of “power” depletes, the Gundams that could move three times as fast before would experience a cutback in terms of the Gundams’ abilities.


In episode 23, the show starts off with Alejandro showing his anger towards the baldy, Aeolia Schenberg for ruining his plans to take over the world. His partner, Libbon stated that information about the Trans-Am system and the Meister’s background and biodata being erased from Veda. A clever baldy indeed. And I’m still wondering why Ali Al-Sarshes gets to keep    the Throne Gundam. He does not deserve it!

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