Hello world!

Hello everyone!

Firstly, welcome to my blog, Yumeno no Sekai (YnS). Hope you enjoy your stay here. To those who are so called “meeting” me for the first time, here’s a brief introduction about me: (that is blatently taken from my old blog)

This casual/slack blogger is quite well known as Anthony among his peers and has been aliased with Yumeno or Yume for short. He has been living on this rotten planet for the last 15 years since 26 January 1993. Yumeno is now studying in Pei Hwa Secondary and affiliated with NPCC. He only updates this blog as to when he likes to or when someone pesters him to update it.

Yeah that’s about it, or you could just go to the “About” page for a more updated version :D

Otakus rule!

Manga/Anime fan.

As you can see, I’m quite a lazy person and I enjoy anime, alot. But hopefully, things would change for the better I would be able to be more active here than my previous blog.

I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now and had my very own blog using the very popular Blogger. The reason I’ve moved here is really very simple – I just find blogspot very sucky. Although I was able to play around with blogspot’s CSS, WordPress’ layout and unit interface is definately way much better than Blogger’s. Not saying that Blogger is lousy, just that it’s my personal opinion.


And since this is a new blog, I look forward to posting more often and seeing the blog stats increase each day o.o You readers can be expecting more rants/posts/anime episode reviews and other stuff coming up! That is, when I’m not occupied with my studies ^^;

P.S. I’m still new to WordPress’ functions and whatnots, so please kindly tell me if you are having trouble with posting, viewing pages and etc. Thank you.


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