reno-omg-by-frozenwithin.pngQuestion: Oh my god what the hell did I do!?
Answer: I was busy exploring the functions of this import thingy when I accidentally deleted my 1st post. And I found out that trying to get back deleted posts is impossible.


Oh well, it’s just the first post, nothing much of importance and Anyway, it’s back to school! Textbooks, teachers, and lame classmates for friends… Boooo~

EDIT: I actually came to the point of absolute boredom and rewrote the deleted post from memory >.<

School for me started off on the boring side, and a bunch of holiday homework that I didn’t even touch. First period was Biology and I wasted my gaming time trying to finish up the presentation that my group “may” present today. Turns out, that “may” wasn’t today. Geez.

After that was a full 2 periods of A-maths, though Mr Beng said he would go through Co-ordinate Geometry on E-maths, he didn’t. The class spent a whole 2 periods trying to go through the frigging-not-so-difficult questions on solving linear equalities. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s called the “class gap” and 3E1 is mentally challenged. o.o

Blah blah blah and then it was recess followed by Chinese. As usual, there are numerous people who do not hand in their assignments, which is the norm and I doubt they would do so tomorrow. This includes me! I just hate Chinese. Why learn a subject that might not prove useful in the future? Everyone’s using more of English and learning other third languages nowadays.

Speaking of English, Mrs Ng went through exposition writing today. Quite boring, just copied down 1/6 of the stuff that she written on the board. When lessons are boring, you just sit back, relax and pretend that you actually enjoy the lesson, don’t forget copy down as little notes as possible! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Afterwards was Chemistry and Geography. Mr Jain’s still here, I almost forgot that he’ll still be teaching until 25th March and he’s off for other business. Or was it retrenchment? Anyway, on the contrary, the class seems to be paying more attention to his teaching now. Might be their guilty souls regretting that they didn’t pay attention previously and would regret not doing so when he gets replaced by a lousier/fiercer teacher. Poor kids. XD

So, that’s about it for the first day of school in the new Term. The teachers are seriously stressing that this term’s gonna be a fast one. Hope I don’t go flunk my grades away.

Time to start self-studying, damnit.


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