Gundam 00 – Episode 23

Okay, G00 time!

Previosly in episode 22, Aeolia Schenberg predicted that there might be some insolent fool would try and alter his plan creating a peaceful world and it did! So, he enabled the full use of the Gundams’ GN Drives – the Trans-Am system. However, once this sudden gain of “power” depletes, the Gundams that could move three times as fast before would experience a cutback in terms of the Gundams’ abilities.


In episode 23, the show starts off with Alejandro showing his anger towards the baldy, Aeolia Schenberg for ruining his plans to take over the world. His partner, Libbon stated that information about the Trans-Am system and the Meister’s background and biodata being erased from Veda. A clever baldy indeed. And I’m still wondering why Ali Al-Sarshes gets to keep    the Throne Gundam. He does not deserve it!

Back with the Celestial Being, the team continues their maintainence on Dynames and standbys for an assualt from the U.N. Army when they recieved a call from Setsuna reporting that the Ali dude has captured one of the Throne Gundams. Upon hearing this, Lockon was frustrated and wanted to seek his revenge. With this, Sumeragi-san prepares the team for battle. Or rather, everyone except Lockon due to his injuries from the last fight.

When the U.N. Army arrived, Tiera and Allelujah had some trouble fending off a squad of 26 GN-Xs and 1 crazy nut named “Ali Al-Sarshes”. But by activating the Trans-Ams, the duo managed to lower their numbers and chased the GN-Xs away and unexpectedly sent Patrick Coolwhatever flying away by a piece of rock. What the hell. Anyway, in the midst of the battle, Lockon felt that more help was needed in the battlefield and decides to go against Sumeragi’s original intention of recovering Lockon’s health condition first.

After chasing away the baddies, Lockon got a little carried away and went on pursuiting the transportation carriers of the U.N. Army. There, Lockon almost took down all 3 of the carriers when Ali Al-Sarshes intercepted Lockon’s attack. Then, Lockon gets all hyped up about terrorists and what they’ve done to innocent people. Knowing that Lockon can’t see clearly on his right side, Ali Al-Sarshes tries to finish him with his projectiles, or “Fangs”. This attack on Lockon really worsened his health and really damaged Dynames severely, again. The explosion of Dynames sent the Gundam drifting elsewhere. Both parties then lost visual sight of each other.

While the nut was searching for Lockon, Lockon bidded farewell to Haro and told it to send back Dynames back to Ptolemaios after detaching Dyname’s aiming system for his reckless plan to pulverize Ali Al-Sarshes. Lockon flew onto one of the GN arms using is jet pack and connected his aiming device onto the arms and awaited for the perfect chance to snipe Ali Al-Sarshes once and for all.

Lockon managed to succeed miraculously by shooting from Ali’s blind spot. However, despite the clinch Ali Al-Sarshes was in, he was able to narrowly shoot one shot before his Gundam exploded along with his life.  This one shot of laser beam went through the nozzle of the GN arm and for unknown reasons that I don’t know, it took very long for the explosion of the arm to occur, giving sufficient time for alot of drama to happen between Celestial Being.

Lockon’s death was sure awfully sad for me. Now for the big question, who would take over Dynames as its pilot?


2 Responses to “Gundam 00 – Episode 23”

  1. 1 yin March 20, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    the twin brother. either that, nena trinity. hmm…

  2. 2 yumeno March 20, 2008 at 5:09 pm


    Most probably it would be his twin. Nena already made a bad impression towards Celestial Being, especially to Setsuna lol.

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