CLANNAD – Episode 22

Nagisa, shocked to find out the truth that her parents kept secretly over the years, finally breaks down at the wrong point of time – just the day before of Nagisa’s first ever actual performance. With this, the Drama Club and Nagisa’s father are really in for some trouble.



On the way to school, Nagisa’s still regretting that she’d actually indirectly stopped the pursuement of her parents’ dream, which was to become great actors. Despite Okazaki’s consolement, Nagisa is still in that “zombie” mode of hers. Poor girl. I actually don’t really know whether I should pity her or tell her straight in the face not to drag down your clubmates. Okay, maybe that’s too harsh for such a girl. Or is it me? Nevermind.

Whilst having the idea of walking around the school before the act started, Okazaki lost Nagisa and she aimlessly wanders into the resource room. In there, the cute and helpful Miyazawa allowed Nagisa to browse through the old theatre videos in the collection. After borrowing one tape, Nagisa returns back to her lifeless state again. This scene seriously reminded me of Kotonoha from School Days. Okazaki soon found out Nagisa’s whereabouts from Miyazawa and being one of the people that loves Nagisa the most, goes to help her by stopping the video and giving some final emotional boost before the performance starts.





This part of the episode was where all the action, ops, drama is. At the start of the act when the curtains were drawn, Nagisa recalls her father’s acting days from the casette videos and couldn’t take it any longer. So she broke down in tears, in front of the audience and everyone. Worried about how the play would go on, Okazaki hesitated on whether he should pull down the curtains but before he did, the old pop, or should I say, Nagisa’s father came shouting through the hall entrance and shouting to Nagisa about how she should realise what her parents couldn’t do. The way that KyoAni portrayed this scence really made my eyes watery. In fact, most of the episodes did. Which is a good thing, good job!

Ahem. Back to the story. With the strong support of her parents and the Drama Club, Nagisa was able to get her act up and finish up the performance and gets back to her old self again. What a relief! Anyway, the act revolves about this girl who is alone in an illusionary world along with a doll. Somehow, this part of the act is related to the dreams that Okazaki has been having and it has not ended yet. Maybe it’s a hint that CLANNAD hasn’t come to an end!



Just when Nagisa and Okazaki were having quality time together, Okazaki’s father showed up. Apperantly, Okazaki really hates his father with passion and I’m kinda okay with that. I’m sort of able to relate with him to a certain extent. Okazaki showed some signs of concern towards his father when he said “not to drink too much”. I guess he really cares for his father after all and the story’s gonna develope more into this father-son relationship thing.

Nagisa and Okazaki then heads off for the party that the Drama Club organised and to sum it up, Nagisa and Okazaki had a little lovey-dovey scene towards the end. Okazaki finally confessed his love towards Nagisa and ask her for a date the next day. And Nagisa’s reaction? She cried in joy.



It seems that this isn’t the final episode of CLANNAD, I think that signs of things more to come are really saying that there are more to come. Maybe all of our uncertainties will be answered in the extra episode soon. Oh yeah, I just realised Fuuko didn’t appear in this epsiode. Pfft, she probably gotten too noisy for her own good.

P.S. I’m looking forward to the CLANNAD movie!


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