Gundam 00 – Episode 24

Sorry for not updating lately, kinda busy with school nowadays. But as they say, “better late than never!” 

Out of all the previous episodes so far, this one has got to be the most emotional of all. With more character deaths and lasers, the Celestial Being is now left with 1 working Gundam and 5 surviving members of Celestial Being. And the sad part is, they now have to face something huge ass at the end of episode 24. The world is just too unfair.

Gundam 00Gundam 00

Gundam 00


There were a few flashbacks here and there about Lockon and Setsuna like the one at the beginning where Setsuna first joined in Celestial Being. Continuing from the last episode, Celestial Being’s still crying their hearts out over Lockon. *Sob* And at some spacecraft or the space elevator if I’m not wrong, was Lui Mei and her partner Hong Long. This scene was so random to me that I don’t know how to describe it. Like, “who cares about you? You’re just observing things and taking on the winning sides.”

Back at the Ptolemaios, Tiera blames Setsuna for Lockon’s death and if it wasn’t for his absence, Lockon wouldn’t have died. And Tiera, gets a good tight slap from Sumeragi for being such a wuss. Yay! Though I would’ve preferred if she came in with some booze and splash it on Tiera before slapping him. At the U.Ns’ side, they have suffered major losses. From the initial number of 29 to less than half of 11, the army is now waiting for further reinforcements. Thanks to Trans-Am, the GN-Xs are small fries now. Oh, and while waiting for more back-up, that Patrick Colasour dude found his way back. Luckily he gets pwn’d later in the show.

Gundam 00Gundam 00Gundam 00

Back at the Ptolemaios again, asteriods with mini GN-Drives have been set up to give the ship some cover due to the Kyrios’ and Nadleeh’s condition. The Ptolemaios is in it’s worst scenario, I’d say and Trans-Am is the only thing that Sumeragi can depend on but has a time limit to it.

More flashbacks were shown and the crew shared their personal stories for once and more stuff related to Lockon happened. Next, the U.N. Army found something interesting. Remember that I mentioned that Celestial Being had to face something huge ass? Well, the U.N. Army had some GN-Xs and a oversized golden mobile armor (which has no given name yet) as reinforcements. I guess when producers can’t think of any other means of countering the good guys in a more “realistic” manner, they make the protagonists imba all of sudden. With this new found imba strength, the U.N. goes over to the Ptolemaios.

Gundam 00Gundam 00Gundam 00

Gundam 00Gundam 00Gundam 00

Kyrios and Nadleeh prepares for the incoming attacks and I don’t feel like going through much since it’s all pretty explosions and fight scenes. So, in short, Kyrios becomes lighter as it lost 2 of its limbs and as for Nadleeh, it becomes even lighter by losing all limbs. These 2 Gundams then drifted off, leaving Ptolemaios in danger. Fortunately Feldt was duped into joining Sumeragi and this saved her life. Phew, she didn’t die in this episode and she never will (I hope)! However, the gold mobile armor blew off the right side of the ship and destroying the medical room along with the doctor inside. Did any of the episodes show his name? Cause I don’t know. Gah. Anyway, an even more heart-pounding-character-death scene came on its way. Some random GN-X managed to blast Ptolemaios’ cockpit off, leave Lichty and Christina floating in space and giving them the perfect environment to voice out their true emotions about each other. And you get to see Lichty’s cyborg body!

Gundam 00Gundam 00

After their heartbreaking deaths, the show continues with Setsuna and Lasse trying to poke that gold mobile armor. Due to the armour’s imbaness, Setsuna and Lasse couldn’t even land a clean hit on the damn thing and yet alone, scratch it. Lasse decides to go for a point blank and tries to finish off the armor but his plan backfired. The armor that Setsuna and Lasse was in got ripped into 2 and they ejected from Exia as well as Lasse’s mobile armour. I wonder how Alejandro managed to build such an armour in such a short amount of time. His mobile armor is just too hax. Makes the whole thing look so unreal.

Overall, next episode’s gonna feature the battle between Setsuna and Lasse VS. Alejandro, a 2V1 match. 1 more episode to go and the crew of Celestial Being can drink some booze with Sumeragi! That is, if they make it. >.<


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