Group studying – To study until your butt hurts

Ok, this post will be sort of unrelated to anime, thought I’m mentioning the word “anime” here. I’m still considering whether YnS should be a blog about anime or about my life, which most of my friends’ ones are. Sigh. Or maybe I should continue on with both? Any ideas, people? Argh. I’m in a dilemna now.

Anyway for the anime-fans and otakus who are reading this, school has been very hectic for me these days. So, you might not be seeing much blogging happening nowadays but I’ll post 3 episode reviews the next few days (if time permits D:), so please stay tuned for further updates!

On with today, I headed over to Compass Point this afternoon at 1pm to find that Ryan hasn’t reached the mall yet. What an unreliable guy, making me wait for him without telling me he’s gonna be late lol.

Had my lunch at Mac’s then met up with Ryan outside the 7-11 store. Told him I recieved a strange call from Hsiao Wen with a guy/girl having a “gay-getting-beaten-up” voice talking to me. Gave me the creeps, totally. Well, that guy/girl asked me where I was and I gave my usual reply of saying “Geylang”, even though I don’t know who the hell that person is who sounded so gay. *Shudders*

Then, me and Ryan went into the library and found Bernice there, sitting so lonely. Ryan took the chance to sit beside her and groped her. Really? Nah. You’d wish! :P And then, the three of us were sitting at some corner of the Seng Kang National Library getting our butts and legs a good numb sensation as we revised A-maths and some other stuff. Damn Ryan for choosing such a venue. Luckily, I brought my beloved PSP to listen to my favorite J-pop and rock songs and admire my wallpaper of Leah Dizon. Oh yeah, she’s one hot chick!

Leah Dizon


Just look at that cute smile.

And so, after about 2 hours and a half or so, we (more of me, rather) got fed up of getting our butts numb on the carpeted floor, we go ourselves out of the dreaded library and went down to the basement floor to get some refreshments. And it was called a day for me. When I reached home, I actually dropped dead on the bed. >.<

Oh well, being a person who doesn’t study that often, I don’t last very long after mugging. Haha. What are some ways you use to keep yourself “awake” or entertained as you study?

P.S. More Gundam 00, CLANNAD (TV) and Shana II stuff tomorrow! (I hope).


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