CLANNAD – Extra Episode

Oh yes, it’s finally here!

With Nagisa’s very dramatic part of the story finished, the show continues back on its funny side again! Like, KyoAni’s playing with our feelings to change the world into an emo one. Or at least, for the people watching CLANNAD. Um, right.


Nagisa and Okazaki becomes quite a couple now, though they are making fusses over holding hands and couples that I see on the streets nowadays, do this naturally. Kinda old fashioned in some way. As if they were some couple from the 60s – 80s which suddenly, (I don’t know why) reminds me of the retro dramas I’ve watched on TV during my childhood days. o.o And ya, I’m single.

So, Kyou arrives to the scene with her usual motorbike stunts and breaks up the climax between the young couple. What a waste. Anyway, ever since the summer break started, the students seem to have supplemantary classes just because their seniors and Okazaki can’t get out of this classes due to the one and only – Nagisa. Oh, the feeling of getting under your girlfriend’s commands when you’re girlfriend is slightly dumb in a good way, and yet cute. I pity him, sort of, for the dumb part haha.


The next day, the girls (Okazaki seemed to somehow escape Nagisa’s clutches and runs over to Sunohara’s place) of the Drama Club and 1 councillor were having their bentos inside the Drama Club room. It’s quite funny to see Tomoya and Kyou argue again about stuff like “WTF are you here when…” kind of thing. And Kotomi seems to be joining classes now, yay for socialising! Oh, and I noticed that she ate a starfished shape carrot or something and thought Fuuko would actually appear. But she didn’t, damnit. I wanted to see her getting ignored like the rest of the time. :P


For those who just can’t get enough of her.


Back at Sunohara’s, Mei-chan is back! Sunohara’s still living in self-denial thinking that he always has some hot-chick-fanclub of some sort.  In any case, Mei-chan gets to stay over at Nagisa’s house as usual. And I wonder what Nagisa’s dad meant when he said that he wanted to join in. Sounds perverse.



Next morning, Nagisa decides to be a caring daughter and let her parents have a day off by taking over the shop, or is it her guilt? Nah. We all know that she’s one lovable (and slightly dumb) girl. Despite Sanae-san’s rock hard or should I say glass-like buns, Mei-chan enjoys her bakings. Scary. What’s even more scary is that Mei-chan was able to attract a tremendous amount of customers to the point where the cash register gets overloaded with money. Her secret? Okazaki went out to find her and found out that Mei-chan was actually saying “we’ve got cute girls!” and stuff like that. Mei-chan definately has got potential to do market advertising.



After that, Okazaki was at Sunohara’s place again, playing with the cat, as always. And for goodness sake, someone tell Sunohara to stop complaining about his sister not giving him enough attention when he treats his sis practically the same way. Geez. Mei-chan visits again and had a one to one conversation, leaving her poor brother out of his own room, haha. Mei-chan proposed Okazaki to be his cupid of love and Okazaki, somehow managed to think about other pairings. The Sunohara x Okazaki was a really hilarious one. During their conversation, Nagisa pops in and Mei-chan seriously can’t act. This was somehow part of her plan to “pair up” the young couple. Why didn’t Okazaki realise that from the start. D:



And so, following Mei-chan’s “ingenieus” plan, Nagisa decides to go for a walk and it was nice to see Nagisa’s tense side of her. The atmosphere was all so wrong, for a couple I mean. Nagisa was very nervous and kept stuttering alot. Towards the end, was the scene that really made me laugh the most. I don’t know about you, but who the hell in the right frame of mind would eat a cinamon and blow it’s smell in someone’s face just to – ok I’m no sure why Mei-chan told Nagisa to do that but who would do such things, yea? Gosh, what childish flirting tactics. Just when things could get more funnier, Okazaki notices Mei spying on them. So, he knows what’s going on since the beginning after all.


Lastly, the episode ends off with Nagisa and Okazaki walking together lovingly, and they’re holding hands! :3


With that, CLANNAD’s still not coming to an end yet, there’s still an “after story” episode which I think would explain and conclude the entire story. Like, how I mentoined about the father-son relationship of Okazaki and the fantasia dream thingy before. All our answers to our questions, revealed next week!

Anyone knows what KyoAni’s next anime is? I haven’t got the slightest clue >.< Hopefully it would be Haruhi. Moar Yuki!


5 Responses to “CLANNAD – Extra Episode”

  1. 1 gordon April 1, 2008 at 2:06 am

    hi, gordon from here.

    i enjoyed the last episode. it was very funny (thanks to mei-chan) and i never laughed so heartily in an clannad episode for a long time.

    too bad fuko didn’t appear. i kinda missed her. :-(

  2. 2 yumeno April 1, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Good things always come to an end don’t they? I miss her too. D:

  3. 3 luciananami May 19, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    hi i am a clannad lover! i like the episode that nagisa and okazaki have s*x… :*
    nagisa: okazaki
    okazaki: i love you…
    [then, there in a room having S*X… sweet!]
    nagisa: okazaki, why?
    (but okazaki did not reply)
    okazaki: mmmmm… [kiss]
    nagisa: ugh… [nagisa pushed okazaki]
    okazaki: nagisa… wait!
    [ nagisa ran away]
    THE NEXT DAY… at school
    okazaki: nagisa wait!
    nagisa: huh? okazaki…
    okazaki: im sorry for what happened yesterday…im really SORRY!
    nagisa: its okay! [ :) ]
    (and..i dont know)

  4. 4 konayachi February 20, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    That episode was really funny I agree! Haha <3 Even I can feel both nervous-ness x3 hahaha~ Nagisa chan's totemo kawaii really!!

    I wonder if you like CG and Clannad~ x3 because both of em are the best anime for me, ever! Yayz~ :D

    If you have watched Clannad ~after story~… it really drags tears out, hopefully you know what I mean! I cried when I watched it T______T

    xoxo Miaojuan :)

  5. 5 Anonymous June 30, 2011 at 7:26 am

    wat episode was that

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