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Hot with exams

The past few days has been quite hot. Why? I do not know much except turning on the air-con at night but my Geography teacher says that it’s not due to the Sun, but due to an increase in humidity. No wonder I’ve been sweating at night. >.>

For those in SG (or anyone else who is feeling hot as well), here’s a Leah Dizon photo to cool you down. XD

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Visual Kei

I’m not sure how many of you out there listen to visual kei (VK) bands but I know I sure enjoy their music. Most of the stuff I listen to (as in the genres) usually changes every few months or so. You know, like you’ve been eating rice for too long and decide to have noodles for once. Yeah, that’s what’s happening in my WMP and PSP lately, been changing quite a few songs though I still listen to some J-pop too as well.

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Code Geass R2 – Episode 2 & 3

Finally able to find some free time (from exams) here, so I might as well do some update on CG and do some dusting. ^^; Basically episode 2 showed more deja vu scenes from season 1 and also showed how leet Lulu’s papa is and how noob Lulu is lol. And in epsiode 3, Lelouch found out that another dude also possesses a Geass. Another strong contender to add excitement! Not.

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More Code Geass R2 scans!

Again, credits do not go to me ^^;

For those who still have no clue as to what gender V.V. is, it’s a HE.

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3E1 class outing – For those in my class

Me and Ryan (more of Ryan at least) has decided to organise a class outing for the class. The event will be held right after our Mid-Year Exams on the last day of the MYEs, which is on 9 May (Friday). All students of 3E1 are welcomed to join in this outing! as there will be a orgy party after that. Ok no orgy party.

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Code Geass R2 scans

First of all, these scans were not scanned by me, so the credits mostly go to the people of Minitokyo and whoever uploaded them. Enjoy!

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Code Geass R2 – Episode 1

Time to bring life to this blog! Let’s start with the long awaited Code Geass. Oh yeah!

Lulu is finally back after one year since the Black Rebellion and it seems that his memory being Zero has been sealed away. By who? I don’t know but it might either be C.C or Suzaku or V.V or someone >.> There’s alot of stuff that were not revealed in this episode about the what happened to Lelouch and Suzaku (and Kallen as well) when they were in the island in the last season. Like what happened to Nunally and since when did Lulu have a bro!?

Makes me think of many “WTH?” questions… Argh, just support the rebellion!

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