Code Geass R2 – Episode 1

Time to bring life to this blog! Let’s start with the long awaited Code Geass. Oh yeah!

Lulu is finally back after one year since the Black Rebellion and it seems that his memory being Zero has been sealed away. By who? I don’t know but it might either be C.C or Suzaku or V.V or someone >.> There’s alot of stuff that were not revealed in this episode about the what happened to Lelouch and Suzaku (and Kallen as well) when they were in the island in the last season. Like what happened to Nunally and since when did Lulu have a bro!?

Makes me think of many “WTH?” questions… Argh, just support the rebellion!

The opening and ending songs were quite ok to me. The OP theme, being 02 by Orange Range sounded quite alright but I still prefered season 1’s OP – Hitomi no Tsubasa. And as for the ED theme, Shiawase Neiro which is also by Orange Range, well, I don’t really listen to the ED themes unless they’re very nice since I usually jump to the next episode immediately ^^;



About the 1st episode, it started off pretty well with the introduction of the characters. Villeta, the hot silver-haired chick has becomed one of the gym teachers at Ashford Acedemy, and also the other students, Rivalz, Shirley and Milly. With some humor injected at the start, Lulu gets to his usual routine again of skipping classes and going out to the city to kill his boredem by playing chess with the nobles. This time, his “suddenly acquired” brother, Rollo, tags along with him.

Arriving at the casino, there seems to be this group of secret Britannian officials who’re in charge of capturing C.C back and this group is under Britannia’s King, aka Lulu’s outo-san. So, Lulu’s dad seems to know about these witches and he does (might) have a geass too. Wonder what his geass would be. Perhaps something like Lulu’s? Well, as they saying goes – like father like son.


Who needs a proper pilot suit when a bunny one looks better?

Back at the scene, Kallen shows up and “accidentally” bumps into Lelouch, trying to get him to meet C.C I suppose, but fails at doing so because of a Mafia who calls himself Mr Black King who manages to get pwn’d by Lulu in chess and cheats by ordering his sex slaves men to bring down Lulu. At this moment, C.C has already infiltrated Britannia airspace with a blimp and some remnants of the Order and engages the plan to bring back Lulu and his locked memories as Zero. At the same time, some minister of Britannia meets up with a minister of the Chinese Union which I predict that Lulu would use as allies to dominate the world. Muahahaha. Ok, I’m getting mad.


Lulu’s damn cool.


The secret officials that I mentioned earlier now intervenes with the terrrorist attack and apperently they can’t shoot properly with their Knightmares as they killed their own citizens lol. Despite Kallen’s and Rollo’s efforts to bring Lulu to safety, our dear Lulu lost contact with them and ended up seeing C.C. She then unsealed his Geass with her kiss and (like in the 1st episode of season 1) he ordered the secret officials to death, Lelouch Vi Britannia style. Oh and speaking of Lelouch, the rest of the Order doesn’t seem to mind knowing his real identity o.o


There’s also 2 new villians that were shown towards the end together with Suzaku. Who are they?


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  1. 1 carmen August 19, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    yep!LULU is so cool~~~~~!!!

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