Code Geass R2 – Episode 2 & 3

Finally able to find some free time (from exams) here, so I might as well do some update on CG and do some dusting. ^^; Basically episode 2 showed more deja vu scenes from season 1 and also showed how leet Lulu’s papa is and how noob Lulu is lol. And in epsiode 3, Lelouch found out that another dude also possesses a Geass. Another strong contender to add excitement! Not.

Epsiode 2:


I tried many times to imitate his laughter, but failed. D:

And so, with Lulu having his memories back, he remembered how he got pwn’d by his own best mate, Suzaku, who wanted a promotion as reward for bringing in Zero. Also, Lulu’s papa seems to have Geass on both eyes, though I still think having it on one eye is cooler.

I am... Your father.

On with the story, Lulu is still inside the Babel tower and manages to outwit Governer Caleras(?) but almost got his planned foiled if not for the new Knightmare frame of the Lancelot-based prototype. Which later revealed its pilot as Rollo. After blowing up the entire upper part of the tower, the Black Knights went over to the Chinese Embassy which was located just beside Babel tower. Using the path of debris created by the explosions and fallen concrete, Lulu now used his Geass to influence the minister/governer or whoever that Eunach of the Chinese Federation is to support his actions. I knew Lulu would use the Chinese Feds, somehow. Anyway, with some mumbo jumbo over the national TV, Lulu has now a room for a country! Talk about starting small, eh?

I've got a Geass too! Ne-ni-ne-ni-poo-poo!

To cut the whole thing short, at the end, Rollo came in with his Knightmare and his… Geass! *Gasp*

So, in a nutshell, this episode was merely a stepping stone for Lulu’s startup in expanding his United States of Japan from within Britannia. And what’s with the Chinese-Fed-guy-that-always-have-Xingke-beside-him’s voice? Geez.

Epsiode 3:

Ok, this is where the deja vu scenes start to fade by now with the exception of the one with Lulu, Shirley and Mao in it. Lelouch now knows that he is being watched (obviously) by Rollo and Viletta. Knowing this, Lelouch practices his switch again with C.C. and pre-recorded his speech for the live broadcast earlier. The same tactic again used in one of Lulu’s missions during season 1, if I’m not mistaken.

Moar Kallen fanservice!

Some things are just meant to be admired.

Rollo receives a phone call from Lulu saying that he’s in school and that Viletta’s with him. Of course, we know that the “Zero” on TV was actually C.C.. Rollo then returns to the underground base situated right at Ashford Academy just so the secret army could spy on Lulu more conveniently, I suppose. They can’t see any way that Lulu might use his Geass again if he were to awaken because C.C. gave him a contact lense as a temporary measure to keep Geass going on harm’s way. Ugh, just when I though Lulu had the capability to control his eye again.

Quality time with Lulu

More stuff happened like Suzaku owning hundreds of Italian soldiers in Italy and the ability of Rollo’s Geass, to control time or rather, stop human movement over a certain distance (which makes me think of how the hell his Knightmare moved so fast, could be his Geass). The full capabilities of his Geass aren’t shown yet. And as for Suzaku, he’s becoming more and more of Britannia’s dog, I must say. Suzaku, you bootlicker! Oh well nevermind about him. Lulu finds an opportunity to kill Rollo and his team by going out with Shirley on a quest to buy booze for Sumeragi Viletta. Or was it Villeta’s plan all along to lure Lulu out? Must be the latter. So, once again, (this is getting quite boring) Lulu uses his badass brain to create a pandemonium and begins his original plan – to get rid or Rollo. Hmm, I thought he wanted to go “gently” on him first.

And Lulu went WTF


However, his perfect plans always seems to fail him and this time. Rollo, having the gun pointing at him, now has the gun pointing at Lelouch. And Xingke is taking action too! Gahh! *Goes into rampage*

My thoughts about this 2 episodes are quite alright. So far Lulu’s sick laughter and ingeniousness has been entertaining me. But though episode 3 seems disadvantagous for Lulu, I’m sure he’ll pull it through somehow. All hail Britannia Lelouch!~


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  1. 1 Anonymous December 6, 2009 at 3:06 am

    ما حلوه

  2. 2 Lelouchgirl May 6, 2010 at 12:15 am

    geeze lelouch is cute but rolo scares me….

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