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O2 – Orange Range

The full song has finally been released and has been on repeat in my Window’s Media Player rocking for some time now and as I’m typing this post as well. Orange Range rocks!

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Streetfest 2008

Not a very pleasing event I must say, but I guess minor events as these won’t really attract alot of people, and that Singapore cosplay standards are not as attractive as those in Japan. Location and time wise, it was Sunday and there were alot of other people which made the whole place very crowded and packed. Plus, there was this irritating security gaurd that kept playing with his megaphone. The event would’ve been better if it was held at Youth Park instead, where there is more space and no security guards.

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Event updates and such

There are some events that are going on this month, basically the upcoming meeting of bloggers/otaku/gamers on 24th May, and Streetfest. There’s also the Chocolate Coronet VS. Melon Pan battle organised by KKnM!

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Code Geass R2 – Episode 4

Oh yes, my exams are finally over since the last Wednesday. Feels kinda weird not studying. Oh well, now I’ve got time to rot at home and catch up with Code Geass.

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Unnamed world – Hirano Aya


It seems that Hirano Aya-san (平野綾) is back with a new single, “Unnamed world”, and a new hairstyle that I find totally hot. It actually suits her in my opinion. Reminds me of Yuki from SHnY. @.@

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