Macross Frontier OST – Furo Nyan

Macross Frontier OST

Macross Frontier’s OST – Furo Nyan is out! And I have my hands on it’s soft copy. Kekeke.

Ok enough of that. On with the post, shall we? The album’s street release date was 3 days ago, June 4 (holy-, I’m always late with getting such stuff). Most of the stuff are (obviously) the BGMs of Macross Frontier and a few songs by Nakabayashi May (May’n) and Nakijima Ai who stars the lovely Sheryl Nome and Ranka respectively. I believe the contents of the album reaches as far as to episode 9 of the series.

The tracklist:

1. Frontier 2059
2. Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! (Sheryl On Stage)
3. What ’bout my star? (Sheryl On Stage)
4. Iteza – Gogo 9ji – Don’t be late (Sheryl On Stage)
5. Vital Force
6. Triangular
7. Zero Hour
8. What ’bout my star?@Formo
9. Innocent green
10. Aimo
11. Big Boys
12. Private Army
13. SMS Shoutai no Uta ~ Ano Musume wa Alian
14. Ninji-n Loves you yeah!
15. “Chou Jikuu Hanten Nyan Nyan” CM Song (Ranka Version)
16. Alto’s Theme
18. The Target
19. Bajura
20. Kira Kira
21. Aimo ~ Tori no Hito
22. Take Off
23. Infinity
24. Diamond Crevasse

What ’bout my star @Formo – Nakajima Ai, May’n

Infinity – May’n

Personally, I absolutely love “What ’bout my star?@Formo” which is a duet sung by May’n and Ai. I feel that a combo of the 2 sounds much nicer than the other version, “What ’bout my star? (Sheryl On Stage)”. Another song that I recommend listening to is “Infinity” sung by May’n . Man, May’n sure knows how to sing and appeal to my senses. The BGMs however, do not really appeal to me and I would usually take some time to synchronise such music with my brain waves since I’m more of a rock-oriented person. ^^;

I’ll definately be getting the CD, if I can find it somewhere in some music store.


5 Responses to “Macross Frontier OST – Furo Nyan”

  1. 1 gordon June 8, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    soft copy? tell me *cough* where *cough* u *cough* get it *cough*…

  2. 3 gordon June 10, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    thanks buddy. ^^;
    but no nyan nyan song on the track list though…

  3. 4 yumeno June 10, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    There is dude…
    “15. “Chou Jikuu Hanten Nyan Nyan” CM Song (Ranka Version)”

    It’s the full CM, so if you want the nyan nyan part I think you can always cut it out from the jingle. XD

  4. 5 gordon June 11, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    sorry my bad. must have missed it.

    i listen to the whole album last night and loved it! ^^

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