March to August Round up

Ok folks, let’s have an overview of YnS so far after like erm, after 5 months? Lolwut. Why do this after 5 months? Well, this is a new blog and let’s just say I want to get to know how to build up YnS’s foundation before doing anything big and drastic. ^^;


For starters, let us look at how my blog is doing, statistic-wise. I’m getting about a 100 plus hits per day with the exception of the June holidays where I had completely no life and found the time to post regularly to boost hits till about 200 plus visitors daily. It’s still as crappy as ever compared to the other established bloggers.


So far, I have done some anime reviews but that was a mere coverage of 4 series. Now, I blame this year’s hectic school schedule. But I think the same goes for Darkmirage who’s kind of tied down to schoolwork and with his major papers coming up (I think). Although his posts have rather become weekly posts, his large base of readers (me included) adds up to let him earn huge, nice numbers on his counter, which I hope it’ll happen to mine soon. Wait, why am I talking about DM when this is my blog review. >.<

Back to the subject, the number of figure reviews I have done is actually a very nice and round 0! Now now, I do actually have some figures lying around my room but the only decent one that deserves a review is most probably my Clare figure. It’s just that I’m a lazy person. However, I’ve pre-ordered some figures already and they should be coming in at around September. So, do expect some stuff.

And in terms of music, you guys are not that fond of Visual Kei, eh? Except for Squee, that is.


From March till now, I can see quite clearly who my regular visitors are from the frequent comments that they make. And the others who, if I presume would be clueless people or first time visitors who clicked my link from either members of Team Blue or at Danny’s site. These 2 sources mainly drive traffic to my blog. So, a big thanks goes to them as well as anyone else who has linked me up (you know who you are). New readers might find it hard to get hooked onto what I blog since I post irregularly though I feel that by sharing with other blogs, the circulation of readers between bloggers should be there and that might not cause any problems to the amount of readers YnS has.

Blog tech

I really can’t do much about adding cool plug-ins or tweaking the blog’s default layouts that WordPress offers due to having insufficient funds. Having my own domain would be great, but I’m not really in a rush for one. Or rather, I’m not really able to find one. Guh. Animeblogger may seem to be a good choice but with Maestro busy with some issues, it would take like forever to get registered into AB just to beg readers for donations. So yeah, plain layout for you guys till then.



And finally, hence/therefore/whatever, in a nutshell, it seems I still alot of things that I need to do and I still have a long way to go lol.

Oh and, anything you’d like to see more from this blog?

P.S. Happy Teachers’ Day!

4 Responses to “March to August Round up”

  1. 2 malzias September 1, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Thar be teh word Trap in that pictar.

  2. 3 mizunaga September 2, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Plain layout is fine. Kind of refreshing, actually.

  3. 4 yumeno September 3, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    But to where @.@

    Haha, yeah. The pics about the words I have used in the blog. The bigger it is, the more frequent I have used it.

    Thanks :D

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