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YnS is moving!

So lately, I’ve been searching for a host as mentioned before, and I have finally found one! A thousand thanks to Panther, who helped me look for one. ^^

The new site’s currently under construction though, I’ll update you guys again after I get the new blog fixed.

The new site is finally here! Do update your links if you haven’t, thanks.

Team Blue is recruiting!

Team Blue, a well renowned terrorist Otaku group, set out to dominate the world, is recruiting! Okay, maybe that was too drama. But anyway…

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The art of Hyung Tae Kim

Following the yet-to-be-released Blade & Soul MMORPG, I’ve been looking at Hyung Tae Kim’s artworks and my, they’re sure amazing.

Let’s just hope I can get inspired to draw some yuri after this. ^^;

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Irritating Game (Which uses 100% of your brain)

An irritating game that sure keeps your mind busy (and mine from the school tests of late). Play it here and tell me your scores! I’d like to know who can get the longest timing. ^^

The aim is to balance a ball at the bottom and play some “pong” at the top. Apparently I suck with using my brain with just an average of 9 seconds.

A new girl at YnS

Is it a bird, a plane, or is it Hardo Gay? No, it’s Suzume-chan! (雀) YnS’ mascot!!

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New image header – Yuki

Just made a new image header for YnS. Was inspired to base the new header from Suzumiyah Haruhi no Yuutsu’s Yuki, which happens to be my favourite character. Where did the inspiration come about? Well, it started off during last night’s MSN conversation I had with the fellow otakus and Kumo’s entry about his Gundam’s thinga-majiggy with Yuki.

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Another Poly Sex Scandal

Gosh, just when you thought the recent one of the Edison Chen scandal and the not so recent one of the one in Nanyang Polytechnic, another one pops out, out of nowhere, in another Polytechnic! (Name undisclosed due to privacy and stuff like that).

Note: The following content may not be safe for work.

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