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Anime on piano

Not that I play piano, just that I’ve been listening to some anime songs played on piano lately, which I find rather interesting.

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DMC4 Special OST

As a part time devil hunter, one must listen to this OST during work.

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RAINBOWS – alice nine.

alice nine.‘s 13th single, RAINBOWS, is scheduled for release on 6 August 2008. There’ll be 3 different versions to this single, where each version has the title track and a B-side, which may include a booklet, a music video, or another bonus track.

Music, please!

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Macross Frontier OST – Furo Nyan

Macross Frontier OST

Macross Frontier’s OST – Furo Nyan is out! And I have my hands on it’s soft copy. Kekeke.

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O2 – Orange Range

The full song has finally been released and has been on repeat in my Window’s Media Player rocking for some time now and as I’m typing this post as well. Orange Range rocks!

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Unnamed world – Hirano Aya


It seems that Hirano Aya-san (平野綾) is back with a new single, “Unnamed world”, and a new hairstyle that I find totally hot. It actually suits her in my opinion. Reminds me of Yuki from SHnY. @.@

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Visual Kei

I’m not sure how many of you out there listen to visual kei (VK) bands but I know I sure enjoy their music. Most of the stuff I listen to (as in the genres) usually changes every few months or so. You know, like you’ve been eating rice for too long and decide to have noodles for once. Yeah, that’s what’s happening in my WMP and PSP lately, been changing quite a few songs though I still listen to some J-pop too as well.

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