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March to August Round up

Ok folks, let’s have an overview of YnS so far after like erm, after 5 months? Lolwut. Why do this after 5 months? Well, this is a new blog and let’s just say I want to get to know how to build up YnS’s foundation before doing anything big and drastic. ^^;

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Gone fishing

Well, not literally. Just letting you guys know that I’m still alive. Yeah I know this blog’s been inactive for awhile. Because of the upcoming common test week, watching anime and thinking of cosplay related stuff and school activities, I can hardly find time to update YnS. Maintaining a blog can be very time-consuming eh,  bloggers out there?

So till after the haitus, you can just keep refreshing this page or play some double pong if you haven’t! (Think of it as wishing me all the best for the tests) ^^

Combined UG trip

Ah, finally back to the comforts of my home. The past few days spent at Malaysia at Jeram Besu and Taman Negara has been a memorable one besides not seeing any hot babes there. However I could have seen some if only the trip and Cosfest dates didn’t clash. >.>

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Off to Taman Negara

Taman Negara canopy walkway

Taman Negara has the longest canopy walk in the world.

Hey readers of YnS, just wanna let you guys know that I’ll be out of Singapore from tomorrow onwards till this Monday (7 July) since I’ll be attending 1st ever combined uniform group overseas trip of my school at Taman Negara, Malaysia.

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School’s starting

Click for high res

Crap. The start of a new semester is just a few hours away and I’m not really sure if I should be happy or reluctant about going to school. Time sure flies when you’re busy enjoying the things you like to do like drawing a blog mascot, watching anime (as well as HG), and listening to songs like this. I want an extension for the duration of holidays! Who’s with me!?

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Event updates and such

There are some events that are going on this month, basically the upcoming meeting of bloggers/otaku/gamers on 24th May, and Streetfest. There’s also the Chocolate Coronet VS. Melon Pan battle organised by KKnM!

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Hot with exams

The past few days has been quite hot. Why? I do not know much except turning on the air-con at night but my Geography teacher says that it’s not due to the Sun, but due to an increase in humidity. No wonder I’ve been sweating at night. >.>

For those in SG (or anyone else who is feeling hot as well), here’s a Leah Dizon photo to cool you down. XD

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