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Blade & Soul

Behold, fans of MMORPG and feminine male characters alike, I present NCsoft newest Chinese martial arts MMORPG, Blade and Soul! Hwaaar~

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Gone fishing

Well, not literally. Just letting you guys know that I’m still alive. Yeah I know this blog’s been inactive for awhile. Because of the upcoming common test week, watching anime and thinking of cosplay related stuff and school activities, I can hardly find time to update YnS. Maintaining a blog can be very time-consuming eh,  bloggers out there?

So till after the haitus, you can just keep refreshing this page or play some double pong if you haven’t! (Think of it as wishing me all the best for the tests) ^^

DMC4 Special OST

As a part time devil hunter, one must listen to this OST during work.

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RAINBOWS – alice nine.

alice nine.‘s 13th single, RAINBOWS, is scheduled for release on 6 August 2008. There’ll be 3 different versions to this single, where each version has the title track and a B-side, which may include a booklet, a music video, or another bonus track.

Music, please!

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Irritating Game (Which uses 100% of your brain)

An irritating game that sure keeps your mind busy (and mine from the school tests of late). Play it here and tell me your scores! I’d like to know who can get the longest timing. ^^

The aim is to balance a ball at the bottom and play some “pong” at the top. Apparently I suck with using my brain with just an average of 9 seconds.

Why Macross F is deculture

Macross Frontier, the anime with a bishounen pilot, 2 female singers, Ranka and Sheryl that has made the series epic with their legendary voices that echoes through the galaxy!

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Combined UG trip

Ah, finally back to the comforts of my home. The past few days spent at Malaysia at Jeram Besu and Taman Negara has been a memorable one besides not seeing any hot babes there. However I could have seen some if only the trip and Cosfest dates didn’t clash. >.>

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