YnS is moving!

So lately, I’ve been searching for a host as mentioned before, and I have finally found one! A thousand thanks to Panther, who helped me look for one. ^^

The new site’s currently under construction though, I’ll update you guys again after I get the new blog fixed.

The new site is finally here! Do update your links if you haven’t, thanks.

Yuki’s new wand

Oh no, it seems that Yuki has gone back in time to pilfer herself a new “wand”!! What prepostrous evil has this extra-terrestrial done!?

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March to August Round up

Ok folks, let’s have an overview of YnS so far after like erm, after 5 months? Lolwut. Why do this after 5 months? Well, this is a new blog and let’s just say I want to get to know how to build up YnS’s foundation before doing anything big and drastic. ^^;

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Anime on piano

Not that I play piano, just that I’ve been listening to some anime songs played on piano lately, which I find rather interesting.

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Team Blue is recruiting!

Team Blue, a well renowned terrorist Otaku group, set out to dominate the world, is recruiting! Okay, maybe that was too drama. But anyway…

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Code Geass R2 – Turning point again?

“Where is the iPhone I gave you!?”

And I’m referring to episode 19 of CG R2, folks. With the state of Lelouch becoming a loner, he goes into berserk mode.

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The art of Hyung Tae Kim

Following the yet-to-be-released Blade & Soul MMORPG, I’ve been looking at Hyung Tae Kim’s artworks and my, they’re sure amazing.

Let’s just hope I can get inspired to draw some yuri after this. ^^;

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