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Anime on piano

Not that I play piano, just that I’ve been listening to some anime songs played on piano lately, which I find rather interesting.

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Code Geass R2 – Turning point again?

“Where is the iPhone I gave you!?”

And I’m referring to episode 19 of CG R2, folks. With the state of Lelouch becoming a loner, he goes into berserk mode.

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Why Macross F is deculture

Macross Frontier, the anime with a bishounen pilot, 2 female singers, Ranka and Sheryl that has made the series epic with their legendary voices that echoes through the galaxy!

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Code Geass: The Complete

The Knight and the Mares

Once upon a time, Yumeno and Malzias headed for a enchanted mall, Takashimaya, to the Kinokuniya store and got themselves a Code Geass graphic book, each.

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Macross Frontier OST – Furo Nyan

Macross Frontier OST

Macross Frontier’s OST – Furo Nyan is out! And I have my hands on it’s soft copy. Kekeke.

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Code Geass R2 – Episode 4

Oh yes, my exams are finally over since the last Wednesday. Feels kinda weird not studying. Oh well, now I’ve got time to rot at home and catch up with Code Geass.

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Code Geass R2 – Episode 2 & 3

Finally able to find some free time (from exams) here, so I might as well do some update on CG and do some dusting. ^^; Basically episode 2 showed more deja vu scenes from season 1 and also showed how leet Lulu’s papa is and how noob Lulu is lol. And in epsiode 3, Lelouch found out that another dude also possesses a Geass. Another strong contender to add excitement! Not.

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